A full immersion in nature at our animal park.


Montbéliarde cow

A red and white cattle breed that originated in eastern France in the 19th century. Today, it is the second most important dairy breed in France and Ireland, both in terms of numbers of animals and total milk production.

Holstein cow

This is a large, elegant animal with colors of black and white or red and white. A Holstein calf weighs at least 45 kg at birth, while an adult cow weighs around 680 kg.

Charolais cow

The typical Charolais is white with a pink muzzle and light-coloured hooves, horny and long-bodied. Charolais are medium to large sized cattle with a very deep, wide body and strongly muscled lumbar and hip bones.


Serdi sheep

This breed plays a very important role in sheep farming in Morocco. The male is much sought after for the sheep sacrifice festival (Aïd al-Adha).

Merino sheep

The merino is a breed or group of breeds of sheep that are domesticated at our educational farm in Marrakech, characterized by a soft, fine and very abundant wool.

Ile de France sheep

The Ile de France sheep is a breed of French domestic sheep. It originates from the Île-de-France region, near Paris.
These animals are white in colour and have a white face. Their lower legs and face have no wool.


Alpine goat

A species of goat native to the Alps. French Alpine females are excellent milkers and generally have large, well-formed udders with well-placed teats. Males also have fairly pronounced beards.

Saneen goat

A Swiss breed originally from the Sarine valley. It is the most popular breed of dairy goat in the world today, as is the case at our farm in Marrakech.



Ponies are very strong and despite their small size, they are actually stronger than a standard-sized horse when compared pound for pound! They are stockier than horses, with shorter legs, a wider body and a shorter, thicker neck.

Arabian thoroughbred

The Arabian horse breed dates back thousands of years. Its striking beauty and calm temperament make it a popular breeding horse.


Azarghaf Dromedary

The Aïr or Azarghaf Dromedary is a breed of domestic dromedary native to Niger, bred for saddle and pack. Dromedary camels are characterised by a long, curved neck, a deep, narrow chest and a single hump.


Dwarf pig

Small-sized pig. This is not a distinct breed, but rather a variety of breeds that have been selectively bred to be smaller in size.


Dwarf rabbit

Although they may look like something out of a Disney film, dwarf rabbits are in fact adorable little breeds of pet rabbit. These rabbits have a compact body, shorter ears and a rounder head.

Ram rabbit

Native to France. These animals love to dig and are little gourmets who also like to eat a small piece of banana as well as other types of fruit.

Rex rabbit

The Rex breed of rabbit is characterized by its plush, dense, smooth fur.

Butterfly rabbit

This rabbit's coat is invariably white. It is native to England, and it is to hide from predators and be invisible in the snow that these rabbits are endowed with this color.

Angora rabbit

One of the oldest species of domestic rabbit, the angora rabbit is bred for its long fibers, known as angora wool. This species can produce up to half a kilo of wool a year.


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